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Whether you're ski touring on powdery winter days or taking extended summer backpacking trips, our neighbors to the North have a lot of beautiful spaces to explore, and you'll be more than prepared to do so with the Garmin Oregon 750t, With TOPO Canada. This handy and reliable GPS system is a must have for anyone exploring Canada's vast wilderness landscapes. It comes preloaded with loads of topographic maps of Canadian landscapes, and is outfitted with plenty of helpful features to help you plan your adventure and stay safe in the backcountry. In addition to the preloaded topographic maps, the Oregon 750t also allows you to upload custom maps and routes to help you stay on track towards your destination, and features a TracBack function that tracks your route so you can easily follow it all the way home. If you find some scenic spots on the way, be sure to snap a geo-tagged picture to let you revisit them during your return journey or on your next trip. Barometric functions help you track your altitude, and even help predict weather changes by showing short term trends in air pressure. If you do get caught in the rain however, your Oregon 750t will keep doing its job thanks to its IPX7 water rating. When things are a little brighter you'll have no problem finding your way thanks to the sunlight-readable touchscreen display, and with a redesigned antenna you'll have better GPS and GLONASS reception to ensure that you're getting accurate readings. Thanks to the Garmin Connect app you'll have be able to see smart notifications from your phone when it's tucked away deep in your pack, and if Geocaching is your forte, then you can enjoy automatic notifications from Geocaching. com.

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