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Modern bike computers offer so much information at our fingertips, it's really pretty amazing. Between route mapping, rider data analysis, and keeping connected with fellow riders and friends and family, today's computers keep us from getting lost, give us the ability to train more effectively, and ride safer. The Edge 520 Plus Bike Computer - Sensor Bundle from Garmin continues the tradition of packing powerful data sending and receiving units into a small package that's chock full of bike specific functions and metrics. The Edge 520 Plus comes preloaded with full-color Garmin Cycle Map and Strava Live Segments with turn-by-turn directions so you can discover new rides and challenge yourself against personal best and other riders' segments. It also has a function to get you back to your starting point if you happen to get off course or need to call it a ride early. Another feature that we're really excited about is the ability to message rider to rider without having to use our phones. So, if you get dropped or are doing the dropping when paired with a compatible smartphone, you can send prewritten notes from this Edge 520 Plus to their compatible Garmin device. It's also helpful if you have a mechanical and realize that Co2 in your seat bag is spent, and you need the group's assistance, if they're paired with GroupTrack, they can easily find you. It's also compatible with Garmin's Varia line of cycling awareness devices such as its rearview radar and smart bike lights sold separately. When paired with these devices you get alerts on the display of approaching cars as well as helping drivers see you. Like most modern computers, this device is compatible with ANT+ sensors like its included speed, cadence, heart rate monitor, as well as powermeters so you can keep track of every mile, pedal stroke, watt, and heartbeat. Having a dedicated speed sensor is also beneficial during indoor sessions where the GPS would otherwise tell you that you were sitting still. ...

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