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The Edge 130 Bike Computer is available in this Mountain Bike Bundle, which includes a mountain bike mount and silicone case for safely carrying the Edge 130 Computer out of harm's way, should you take a nasty spill while rallying over technical trails at high speeds. The mountain bike mount carries the Edge 130 Computer directly over your stem, so it's not sticking out in front of your bars where it's prone to striking the ground during a fall. The mount works with both 31. 8 and 35-millimeter bars commonly found on mountain bikes. Also, it comes with an Edge remote for wirelessly controlling your computer, which is handy when your hands are covered in dirt on the trail. The rest of this package is the same as the standard Garmin Edge 130. That's a good thing if you're seeking a sleek, intuitive head unit with a slew of sophisticated features for tracking your riding distance and finding your way back home. GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite tracking quickly lock onto a signal, so you can step outside and instantly start monitoring your ride. GPS tracking provides an accurate assessment of distance and duration, plus there's an altimeter for gaining a visual readout of brutal climbs and rolling terrain alike. Additionally, the GPS gives you turn-by-turn navigation when you're cycling on the road or commuting through the city. Smart notifications from your phone allow you to stay in touch while you're cycling far from home or view an incoming message you've been waiting for. Also, you can use the LiveTrack feature, which lets family and friends view your real-time location as you ride. If you do happen to have something go wrong on the road or trail, there's even an assistance feature that'll send your current location to chosen contacts (requires a compatible smartphone with Bluetooth). Additionally, the Edge 130 works with Garmin's Varia lights and rearview radar, so it'll give you alerts of approaching traffic and better help drivers see you on the road.

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