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The G3 Expedition climbing skins are the time tested and proven durable climbing skin in the line-up. Using a classic tip loop and tail clip, this skin can be attached easily to almost any ski on the market, and with minimal work. Traditional Nylon hair construction offers the best grip in the widest temperature ranges while also being the most durable material, for the best traction in the worst conditions. Also comes with a really cool trim tool, Skin savers and a durable nylon bad to store them in to keep them clean. Brand New Trip Tool: By paying attention to the smallest detail, G3 created a radically new Trim Tool. With an ergonomic grip, double-blade design and built in offset that leaves ski edges exposed while eliminating skin repositioning, the new G3 Trim Tool promises a vastly improved experience and a perfect trim. Included with all G3 skins, the redesigned G3 Trim Tool makes skin trimming lightning quick and easily customizes skin width to match the shape of skis for maximum traction. Features: Synthetic, fast gliding plush Superior grip Temperature tolerant adhesive easy to peel, but sticks to bases at all temperatures Non-toxic adhesive (solvents are not used) Waterproofed Easily trimmed to fit with the new Trim Tool Available as Complete Skins (including G3's patented Tip & Tail Connection System) or Tail Less Skins.G3 skins are 205cm long and are available in widths to suit any ski. Weight ranges from 50mm skins being 432g/ 15.25oz to 130mm skins being 1000g/ 35.3oz Schools of thought-Shaped VS. Straight: There are two schools of thought on the selection and fit of g3 climbing skins, shaped or straight. Shaped: You can get maximum skin coverage by choosing a skin that is slightly narrower than the widest par of your ski, and trimming the skin to the sidecut/shape of your ski, as described int the skin instructions(in the box when you buy a pair). The extra work required to trim will more than make up for itself with the superior grip of a skin with "wall to wall" coverage, especially important for icy sidehilling. Choose the skin that covers your ski base 'Wall to Wall" (edge to edge) about 25cm (10in) back from the ski tip. E.g. If the dimensions of your skis are 115-77-105, a pair of 110 skins will do nicely. Straight: To avoid trimming, choose a skin to fit the narrowest part of your ski. This set-up is lighter, glides better and eliminates the possibility of contaminating exposed glue when storing skins. Straight skins are also easier to fold for packing and storage. E.g. If the dimensions of your skis are 115-77-105, a pair of 70mm skins will do the trick. Every pair of G3 High Performance Climbing Skins is equipped with a Cool G3 trim tool and specific instructions for fitting your skis.

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