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The BONESAW was inspired by frequent requests from guides, backcountry skiers, and avalanche professionals looking for a better, more versatile snow saw. G3 spent months assembling a large collection of saws, and querying guides and avalanche professionals as to their favorites and their pros and cons. The result was counter-intuitive: the ideal saw was a balance of bare-bones, super-clean design with everything that you need. Nothing less, but nothing more; no superfluous elements. I have used mine many times and it is amazing for cutting blocks to build your little house in the snow or cutting cornices. I have one of these baby's and man does it work well!!! I was amazed at how well it cut right through our Oregon Ice layer for making perfect blocks or for snow study. Pretty amazing! The BONESAW is streamlined, lightweight, easily packable, easily extendable, and tough enough to cut bone(no is). Features: Continual stainless steel design. Rubber coated handle for insulation. Easily extended by secure attachment to a ski pole, shovel handle or ice axe (two attachment straps are included), skis...pretty much anything you can think of it will hold to because of their system for attachment. Offset teeth cut wood, snow and ice(again anything you would ever want to cut it can do it). Lightweight, durable sheath included. Weight: 169g/5.95oz Length: 47cm (cutting length 35cm)

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