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Alpinist MoMix Climbing Skins are a blend of 70% mohair and 30% nylon providing optimal glide and durability, and superior grip in cold temperatures. The MoMix Climbing Skins feature the same industry leading tip and tail connection system as our Alpinist Climbing Skins. Materials: 70% Mohair 30% Nylon Plush, Non-toxic Solvent Free Adhesive NEW tip connector! Low profile, pivoting hands fit any ski tip securely. Elimination of fold-over reduces skin weight and eliminates snow build up under the skin, improving skin retention. Also new is the Fast gliding, synthetic plush for improved glide, awesome traction and dramatically lighter weight. Adding to the new list is the laminated tail features that are dependable G3 tail connection system, only with less weight and drag. Advanced water proofing treatment keeps skins dry and prevents clumping in wet conditions and when moving through mulitiple alpine climates zones. Same dependable, temperature tolerant adhesive as found on Expedition Skins - easy to peel, but stick to bases at all temperatures. The Non-Toxic adhesive(solvents are not used). Easily trimmed to fit. Features: NEW! length sizes which are: Short which fits size 153-169cm skis Medium which fits size 168-184cm skis Long which fits size 183-199cm skis Widths-85mm, 100mm, 115mm, 130mm, 145mm Schools of thought-Shaped VS. Straight There are two schools of thought on the selection and fit of g3 climbing skins, shaped or straight. Shaped: You can get maximum skin coverage by choosing a skin that is slightly narrower than the widest par of your ski, and trimming the skin to the sidecut/shape of your ski, as described int the skin instructions(in the box when you buy a pair). The extra work required to trim will more than make up for itself with the superior grip of a skin with "wall to wall" coverage, especially important for icy side-hilling. Choose the skin that covers your ski base 'Wall to Wall" (edge to edge) about 25cm (10in) back from the ski tip. E.g. If the dimensions of your skis are 115-77-105, a pair of 110 skins will do nicely. Straight: To avoid trimming, choose a skin to fit the narrowest part of your ski. This set-up is lighter, glides better and eliminates the possibility of contaminating exposed glue when storing skins. Straight skins are also easier to fold for packing and storage. E.g. If the dimensions of your skis are 115-77-105, a pair of 70mm skins will do the trick. Every pair of G3 High Performance Climbing Skins is equipped with a Cool G3 trim tool and specific instructions for fitting your skis.

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