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Put to Good Use We know what you are thinking: Who would need purple face makeup for Halloween. Red, maybe. Definitely black. Maybe a yellow tube every now and then. But purple? Who, indeed! Perhaps a health nut dressing as an eggplant. Or a zombie looking to up the authenticity of his bumps and bruises. A witch may use it to offset all that black. And don't underestimate the needs of a purple people eater! The fact is, LOTS of costumes could benefit from Purple Professional Cream Makeup just like this one. So whether you're aiming to be a butterfly or a blueberry, a ballerina or a bruised-up quarterback, this little tube is for you! Product Details This product is used by pros to create some cool makeup effects, and as such is hypoallergenic and quick drying! It washes right off with soap and water, and supplies you with that pop of purple you need for an authentic look! The Total Package So enjoy the night accented in your perfect face makeup, with this purple hue at the helm. We applaud you for seeing the use of such a vibrant and versatile hue, and for taking your Halloween look so seriously!

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