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Even though we credit Full Speed Ahead with pioneering the compact handlebar movement, it realizes that there's not just one reach or drop that fits all. So with its K-Force New Ergo Handlebar, it features a deeper drop, sitting at a healthy 150mm, allowing you to get lower and thus, more aero. Other features include a larger radius curve between the tops and the drops giving you more real estate to perfect your shifter setup.FSA constructs the New Ergo from Kevlar-reinforced unidirectional carbon fiber, allowing it to shave grams without sacrificing stiffness or vibration dampening for a great mix of overall performance. And for safety, security, and peace of mind, the areas where the stem and levers clamp receive additional reinforcement and a textured finish to avoid crushing and slipping during use. Gear and brake housing is easily routed through the large double-width cable grooves for easy setup and excellent bar feel.

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