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Once upon a time there was a fox. She was clever and knew how to get what she wanted out of dudes. One day she saw a male fox with a interesting parrot riding on his back. She thought that it was an odd animal pairing, but loved the birds beautiful colors. She walked over the male fox and asked, "Why do you have a bird on your back?" To which the bird replied, "He can't talk, so I communicate for him." But, before she knew it the parrot took flight and carried that old boy away. That vixen was happy she had not taken the beautiful bird because she would have been flown away with just like him. She learned it was better to let odd little boy foxes approach her from then on. Now you can a beautiful vixen on the prowl too in the Foxy Lady Adult Costume. The 100 percent polyester costume was made without harm to any forest creatures. The dress has clear shoulder straps and a zipper in the back. To create a foxy shape the bodice is lined with boning and laces up the front. The neckline and bottom are lined with fluffy soft brown fur. Don't worry about losing your tail since it hooks on back. The hood has ears and cute pom poms attached for added polish. Don't go getting into too much trouble you foxy thing.

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