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Propelled by a legacy of World Cup Downhill championships and winning Red Bull Rampage runs, the Fox Racing Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet strengthens its winning pedigree with a new highly-ventilated design and improved impact protection systems. Developed using feedback from leading brain scientists and refined by the fastest gravity riders on the planet, the Rampage Pro Carbon is the first mountain bike helmet with two rotational management systems, both designed to mitigate the rotational forces that are now known to be associated with concussive injuries. The helmet is constructed using a multi-composite shell made of carbon fiber and FRB resins, offering a lightweight feel that won't fatigue your neck over the course of a long riding day. The shell features extensive ventilation, with large intake and exhaust ports that ensure breathability, even at lower speeds. Inside the helmet you'll find the innovative Fluid Inside technology, which consists of strategically placed pods containing impact foam and low-shear fluid. In the event of a crash, foam compression and fluid displacement inside the pods allows the helmet to rotate slightly in relation to the head, dispersing the energy of rotational impacts. And unlike other rotational systems, Fluid Inside adds protection against both high- and low-energy linear impacts, too. Other protective features include the unique Magnetic Visor Release System, which keeps the visor firmly in place on aggressive downhill terrain, but allows for smooth detachment from the helmet upon impact. Fox claims this design works in conjunction with Fluid Inside to reduce harmful external rotational forces, preventing the visor from catching the ground and tweaking your head around. To keep you safe in the event of a high-speed linear impact, Fox employs a dual-density Varizorb EPS foam liner that acts as a crumple zone, dispersing the forces across a wider surface area in order to keep your head protected. Lastly, the CAGE injection-mo...

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