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Your body armor is on, full-face is in the truck, and you're just about ready to head to the lifts for park laps and all-out rock-gobbling good times, but don't leave your skin out to be shredded on a low-hanging branch when you charge the inside line, toss on Fox Racing's Limited Edition Defend Kevlar Pants before loading up, and keep yourself covered. The Defend Kevlar aims to combine maximum coverage with unhindered mobility on the trail by combining light, but durable polyester and spandex on the upper portion, so you can comfortably pedal and move around on the saddle, while the lover leg is hit with a bit more durability thanks to its high nylon content. As the name may have you guessing, Fox employs Kevlar for added durability in these pants, with both Kevlar and poly-stretch Kevlar at the knees, which increases the abrasion resistance of the pants in the event of a crash or knee-skidding tumble. Ratchet closure at the waist provides micro-adjustments on the fly to keep your fit dialed, and tapered lower leg construction aims to reduce any snagging points against your chainrings.

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