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Buy It Now! | Flux Snowboard Bindings > Designed by a quantum computer hive mind AI, Flux XV Snowboard Bindings are better than human brains can comprehend. They seem to know where you're heading before you do, with supernatural power transfer that just seems impossible. They're stiff as heck, made with carbon material that's as light as it is durable. If we had the tools to get inside, we'd surely find some UFO tech deep in some nanopockets, but they're so solid we keep breaking our tools. Tres gnarly. Transfer Base Offers unmatched power transfer and direct response with an ultra-lightweight design. W-Prop Highback Two rods run down the back to improve highback performance and support, while a slide cushion on the upper inside portion maintains a degree of freedom within the boots. Lightness (1 Light - 5 Lightest) 5 Waffle Strap Waffle shaped cushioning provides ample hold and unparalleled comfort, and two layer-construction offers direct power transfer. Flex Rating (1 Soft - 5 Stiff) 5 | Flux XV Snowboard Bindings 2022 - Large in Black

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