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Buy It Now! | Flux Snowboard Bindings > Who wants to spend all morning switching their bindings around for the optimal ride? The Flux TT Snowboard Bindings are tough, dependable all rounders that will have you maching a hero line through the crud one minute and grabbing airs through the park the next. Moderately stiff for response and control, the Alpha highback is lightweight and sports a smooth flex, while comfortable straps and footbeds offer tons of adjustability for the perfect fit. Set it and forget it, the Flux TT Snowboard Bindings will get the job done in style. Honeycomb Strap Ver2.0 Flex Rating (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) 8 Alpha The all-around lightweight option with even flex and support. Lightness (1 Heavy - 10 Light) 6 Genetic Base A rigid design for all conditions. | Flux TT Snowboard Bindings 2020

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