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Cranking an every-year favorite up a notch, Flux improved the standard DSW binding with a full wing highback to help you rail carves, press through double-kinks, and send cliffs with precision and control. This stiff-flexing binding offers support and rapid response for sending the big jump line or tackling technical terrain all over your favorite mountain. The Wing highback features wings on the outside for greater leverage when pressing nose or tail and tweaking out grabs. The Ultima baseplate is lightweight and responsive, and it features urethane stabilizers near the heel to eliminate heel roll and smooth out harsh impacts and chatter. Flux kept it outfitted with a dual-density Comfort Footbed that's harder on the outside for heightened response without losing any cushioning, as well as the Waffle ankle strap, which provides a seamless fit that increases energy transfer. Finally, Flux's Beer Buckles, which give you more leverage and feature bottle openers for post-shred drinks, round this classic binding out in style.

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