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Shining brightly in its versatility, the Fuse Hybrid places an emphasis on having fun across the entire mountain with a mid-level flex. This binding's Asym Uniback is a bit softer than the aluminum alloy version of the Fuse-GT for a more freestyle-focused feel, while still delivering ample support and stability for riding wherever you please. Active Strap Technology makes for easy entry and exit without fumbling with traditional straps. This technology pushes up the binding's one-piece strap when the highback is reclined, allowing you to quickly and easily step into the binding. When it's time to ride, simply flip up the highback, lock the rear lever into place, and enjoy a secure, comfortable fit. For riders that prefer the customization of traditional binding straps, the Fuse Hybrid provides the ability to tighten the strap's upper and lower separately.

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