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Dog-sled across Sweden, maneuver the snow blower in Minnesota, or brave the streets of downtown Chicago in mid-January in the Fjallraven Women's Nuuk Insulated Parka. You'll be toasty warm while the rest of the world suffers in a deep freeze. When the snow shifts from a pretty dusting to a burly blizzard, the Nuuk's waterproof and windproof shell keep the snow and wind at bay until you find shelter from the storm. The shell of the Nuuk is made from Hydratic, a windproof, waterproof, and breathable fabric. The fabric consists of microscopic pores, thousands of times smaller than a single water droplet, but larger than steam vapor. External water is unable to penetrate the fabric strictly due to size, while steam you generate when working hard may escape, thus creating the comfortable duality of breathable and waterproof. Fjallraven's own Supreme Microloft provides insulation. Similar to down in form and function, Supreme Microloft consists an intricate network of varying widths of synthetic fibers, creating a barrier made of air pockets. Cold air can't cross the air-bubble border, and warm air has difficulty getting across as well. In short, warm air stays inside the jacket and cold air stays out. A thigh-length hem offers a bit more protection for brutal winter winds, and the fleece-lined collar and hood keep you snug as a bug in a rug. When the winds quiet down, remove the faux fur trim from your hood and enjoying emerging from your Nuuk cocoon. Ample pockets offer plenty of storage for phones, hand warmers, snacks, or just provide a nice place to keep your hands warm and cozy.

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