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Every brush is built with the highest grade stainless steel wire at its core leaving it salt and rust proof. Tying with Fair Flies' brush simply builds a better fly. Thread loosens when wet and materials will move.As with all of their brushes, you are in control. More turns give fuller, bulkier profiles and fewer allow you to downsize for low, clear situations. Start on any platform you wish: tubes, hooks, jigs, shanks, with weight, or without. Add a wing, or don't; again, it's up to you. But no matter how you fish, these materials will get you a lot of hookups.Build beautiful flies.Features Include:Fewer turns means more material to build more high-quality fliesAvailable in a wide array of vibrant, eye-catching colorsSpun on stainless steel wire - perfect for saltwater patternsFair Flies enables any fly tyer to utilize fewer materials while still crafting beautiful, intricate fliesContains one 12" brush per packEthically sourcedEthically crafted

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