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The Exposure Diablo Mk10 SYNC Pack Headlight is a dependable companion for your night time trail rides, providing up to 1500 lumens of light via three high-grade XPL2 Cree LED bulbs that illuminate the entire width of the trail, revealing every tricky obstacle or surprise corner in your path. It's a good option as a helmet light paired with another bright light on your bars such as Exposure's Six Pack or Maxx D Sync, but is bright enough to be a standalone companion for your nocturnal singletrack missions. This particular kit includes both a helmet and handlebar mount, as well as an additional support cell that doubles your ride time if you choose to use it--perfect for extended night rides or those of us that dabble in some 24-hour racing. Exposure is continually adding innovative new technologies to their lights, and the Diablo Mk10 SYNC comes with Exposure's new SYNC technology, which allows the light to pair with a Bluetooth-controlled app on your phone to customize output and burn times to suit each individual ride. It also allows simultaneous control of any other SYNC-compatible Exposure light, allowing you to control both the helmet and handlebar light at the same time for convenient and smart operation. Additionally, the Diablo MK10 SYNC has innovative TAP technology, letting you quickly switch between multiple modes by simply tapping the light body, matching every climb, off-camber section, and fast descent with the perfect amount of light. The Diablo Mk10 SYNC weighs a feathery 120g, which is nice when worn on your helmet to avoid neck discomfort that can result from heavy lights. The anodized aluminum body is exceptionally durable, make in-house in Exposure's UK facility. Advanced circuitry prevents the light from heating up to a point where the it loses power, and there's even a Fuel Gauge to show you exactly how much run time you have left. To cap it off, Exposure incorporates their Smart Port+ technology that lets you connect various accessories t...

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