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Your duffel bag is the true unsung hero of your gear. It gets to travel, but it never gets to really come out and play. Even so, it bears the enormous responsibility of taking care of your gear, even when it's in the hands of not-so-gentle baggage handlers. You can't trust just any bag with this responsibility, but you can trust the Evoc Duffel. The Evoc Duffel is packed with convenient features to get your gear from A to B more safely. An outside pocket makes it easy to access papers, your phone, or any other essentials that you may need to grab in a hurry. You'll find lockable zippers, a durable, water-resistant primary fabric for the body, grab-able heavy duty handles on either end, and padded straps that make it easy to wear like a backpack if you want. The Duffel is made with Evoc Tarpaulin -- a super-tough 600-denier polyester. This fabric is then coated with polyurethane. Polyurethane not only makes this already super-tough fabric even tougher and more water-resistant, it improves UV protection, extreme cold-weather durability, and pliability. Is all this protection necessary' Remember, your beloved gear is in there.

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