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The idea of this brush came to be in order to create a nasty and ugly crab pattern (look at the Tarantula Crab!). The base material is Enrico Puglisi's EP Fiber with a longer leg material mixed in. Extra fine and very strong rubber legs are added to the blended EP Fibers and EP Silky Fibers with just the right amount of EP Sparkle. You will for sure love this brush simply because it will take no time at all to tie the most intricate fly pattern with a pre-constructed, two-fiber-length brush. Whether you tie trout, saltwater or steelhead flies, just to name a few, you will find many useful applications to accomplish the fly you have in your mind. Features Include:EP Fiber baseEP Silky Fibers and EP Sparkle mixed inLonger leg material mixed inComes in two fiber lengthsTake no time at all to tie the most intricate fly patterns

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