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Sure, we've got a full wardrobe of cold-weather kit and we could spoon on some beefier, all-weather tires, but the reality is, it takes a lot of motivation to get out and after it on a cold winter morning. Requiring maybe slightly less dedication is pedaling indoors, however, that can get boring, so thankfully, indoor trainers have gotten smarter and made cycling indoors more fun. Take the Elite Drivo II Interactive Power Trainer for instance, it's an update to its popular Drivo that's more accurate, more stable, and more responsive than the original Drivo and just as quiet. It provides a realistic ride, easy and tire saving direct-drive setup, and electronic adjustments that interact with virtual training apps making sure your pain cave sessions are more entertaining and effective. The Drivo II might not be your best option to haul to the races, it requires an external power source to run and it doesn't completely fold up for transportation, but it does offer a quick and simple setup, providing you with a quiet ride and realistic feel. Its heavy, 6kg internal flywheel provides the feeling of being on the road, while the entire system syncs with any ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart app or head unit and electronically adapts resistance instantaneously to match with training plans or virtual slopes. While that happens, your head unit will display power measurements taken by the Drivo II's OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) along 24 points to an amazing +/- 0. 5% accuracy as you ride, the most precise on the market, providing you with the training metrics needed to progress. You'll need to mount your own cassette on the Drivo II, as it doesn't come with its own, but what you spend in a second cassette, you'll save in spent rear tires on traditional resistance unit designs. Additionally, this makes the Drivo II as quiet as possible letting you get lost in your virtual training universe with only the sound of a humming chain and heavy breathing to push you along. Finally, it's wor...

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