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Electric didn't just call them the Electrolite Goggles because it sounded nice--these things really are light. Combining lots of Electric's most innovative technology at a middle-tier price point, these goggles give you reliable performance for every day on the mountain that won't cost as much as your ski pass. It starts with an ultralight EVA frame that's big on comfort and saves on weight and bulk, then continues with a thermo-set compression-molded silicone strap with durable adjusters. It all adds up to an ergonomically-designed goggle that'll fit comfortably on your helmet and adjust with ease. It doesn't stop there though, thanks to the anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-reflective coatings on the lens, helping you see more in all the conditions you'll face on the mountain. The wide design gives you lots of peripheral vision to help with safety when you're peeking uphill, while the triple-layer face foam provides an added boost of comfort.

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