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Buy It Now! | Electric Goggles > "More lens, less frame." That's the design philosophy behind the Electric EG2-T.S Goggles, and this smaller-framed version takes it even further. With full peripheral vision and comfy face foam, these fit snugly on your face and are compatible with any helmets. They have fantastic optics, thanks to their toric shape which has some of the best characteristics from cylindrical and spherical lenses. Fog- and scratch-proof, they're up for the challenges of a season on the hill, too. Toric Shape EG2-T features a toric lens that mimics the curve of a human head. This innovative lens shape provides superior peripheral vision, ensuring less distortion and improved clarity Mold-Injected Lightweight Frame Countoured Triple-Layer Face Foam 40mm Strap with Silicone Lining Smaller Frame The original EG2-T is a medium-sized frame and the EG2T.S is a sized-down version specifically designed for smaller faces. | Electric EG2-T.S Goggles 2022 in Blue

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