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Sometimes slick, clear-coated carbon fiber seatposts and handlebars just don't stay where you'd like. A natural reaction to unwanted movement might be to simply tighten the clamping bolts a bit. However, with ultralight composite and even alloy components these days, it's wise to make sure that the torque spec for the parts is respected. Too much torque on the bolts could lead to permanent component damage and possibly disastrous results. What if the parts are torqued to spec, yet the seatpost still slips or the handlebars still twist' Effetto Mariposa Carbogrip Friction Spray will solve that problem. Assuming the two parts are actually compatible, the polymerizing Carbogrip spray will effectively form a grippy surface between the parts and prevent unwanted slippage at recommended torque values. And since you won't have to over-torque your parts, you can go ahead and descend that mountainside with no fear of any bad surprises. Effetto Mariposa Carbogrip Friction Spray comes in a 75ml aerosol spray can. Once dried, Carbogrip can be removed with their Carbomove or other petrol-based solvents. Please Note: Per UPS regulations, ORM-D items such as this must ship via surface: UPS Ground or UPS Standard (Canada). We are unable to ship ORM-D items Internationally, or to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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