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The Edelweiss Oxygen II SE 8.2mm Rope is a water resistant half rope for mountaineers on long routes. Ropes Aren't just ropes any more when it comes to Climbing, they've been engineered with some seriously cool Technology to help you stay safe (when used properly) up on the mountain. UNICORE Tech bonds the sheath to the core, which helps you continue on or escape a situation if the sheath gets torn from a sharp edge. Supereverdry Tech lends incredible water resistance, so on Snowy, icy routes the rope won't be soaking it all up and you won't be carrying extra weight. Last but not least, HD cover keeps that rope nice and supple for easy handling all throughout the adventure. At only 8.2mm, the 45g rope won't breath for you, but it will do it's best to hold you up in a fall. The Specs Impact Force Factor 1.77: 5.5 kN Nb of Falls Factor 1.77: 8.0 First Fall Elongation: 36.0% Static Elongation: 11.5% Sheath Slippage: 0.0 mm Weight: 43.0 g/m Material: Polyamide

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