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The Edelweiss Oxygen II 82mm sits in the number one spot for a half-rope with its very low impact force and weight For being a soft catching and light rope the Oxygen II puts up a giant fight against the rock and water thanks to its HD Cover and Supereverdry treatment The HD Cover greatly reduces abrasion and snags while allowing the rope to run fluidly through protection and across the rocks The Oxygen II comes standard with the Supereverdry treatment which is polymerized onto the sheath and core fibers making it highly water and abrasion resistant The treatment exceeds the UIAA Water Repellent standardWeight 45 gmImpact force 55kNUIAA falls 7SE SupereverdryUC Unicore ProcessCE and UIAA Certified - Half RopeUIAA Certified Water Repellent - SupereverdryProduction year 2014 Per manufactures guidelines This rope has 8 years of max life remaining from its 10 original

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