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Medium depth carbon road wheels are such a treat to ride. The stiffness is appreciated in sprints and high-speed descents, an aero profile helps slice through the wind for better efficiency, and of course, dropping some grams makes climbing less of a chore. Adding tubeless compatibility is the icing on the cake and if you still prefer rim brakes on your road bike and are looking for one of the better all-around wheelsets available, have a look at the EC90 SL Road Bike Wheel from Easton. The EC90 SL's have been in the Easton lineup for a number of years and each version gets a little bit better. This iteration gets its proven Fantom rim shape utilized on its deeper wheelsets, helping improve its stability in blustery conditions while improving aerodynamics at real-world yaw angles, and scales it down to a shallower 38-millimeter depth. You can expect faster speeds and predictable handling on fast-paced group rides and racing alike. It's plenty durable too, forget having to reserve them only on days when your pinning on a number, we wouldn't hesitate to ride these wheels every day. Part of the reason why is Easton has more experience with carbon construction than just about anyone else out there so strength and durability are never called into question, and the other is its certified Road Tubeless designation meaning with a bit of sealant in the tubeless tires, flats from thorns, glass, etc., are a lot less likely to cause a flat. Easton builds the EC90 SL wheels entirely by hand from start to finish and uses a special acoustically tuned method for ensuring the spoke tension is as even as possible, the key to a strong, balanced, and true wheel that stays that way. Last but not least, its Echo hubset reduces maintenance, rolls smoothly, and engages quickly.

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