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Wouldn't it be nice to scoot your saddle back 3mm without having to get out the spirit level to recheck the tilt' Or how about moving the nose down half a degree without affecting your ideal setback' Well, with Easton's new EA90 seatpost and its patent-pending ISA saddle adjustment, you have the ability to independently adjust the angle and fore-aft position of your saddle. Therefore, you can dial in your position for a small adjustment without having to reset everything, every time. Constructed from lightweight and durable EA90 alloy and anodized black, this post is plenty lightweight and won't shift on the roughest, washboard gravel roads or high jump cyclocross remounts. The saddle angle is locked in place and you'll have the confidence that your saddle won't budge until you say so. Its available in one diameter, 27. 2mm, is 350mm long and is available in zero and 20mm setback options. Additionally, it works with 7mm round and 7x9mm oval rails.

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