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If you're looking for a durable, multi-discipline stem to dial in your fit and doesn't cost a fortune, the EA50 Stem from Easton has you covered. It benefits from the same engineering as Easton's higher-end offerings while tipping the scales just a little bit more and saving cash in the process. It's 3D forged, making it very strong and stiff and uses its patented Distributed Stress Technology, or DST, to reduce clamping stress by distributing forces over a larger area and moving the bolts away from the edges. The stem also shares its Top-Lock technology from its top-tier stems, meaning you tighten the top bolts of the faceplate down first before snugging up the bottom ones to create a smoother clamping surface, unite the faceplate with the stem for a stronger interface, and decrease the fatigue on the bolt heads. The EA50 Stem is available with a +/- 8-degree rise and in the color Black.

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