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Product Condition The EA90 Stem is in Excellent condition The Stem is in Excellent condition The stem was previously owned for approximately four weeks The following observation has been made about this item The stem is very clean Does not have garmin mount Item sold as is All warranties voidSize Unisex 0 degree120mmColor BlackRetail Cost 9999Stems need to be strong durable and light and it mustnt crush the handlebar and fork clamped on either end Easton addresses all of those details with its updated EA90 Stem thats a larger diameter and finished in a lovely Black anodization thats sure to look great on any bike Furthermore it includes its integrated mount for Garmin computers offering cleaner lines and better aerodynamicsThe most unique feature of the EA90 is the DST technology faceplate Distributed Stress Technology is simple but works wonders It better distributes clamping forces more evenly over a larger area making it ideal for lightweight aluminum and carbon handlebars On traditional stems the clamp itself can create stress at its edges and tightening the bolts increases this The EA90 has a carefully designed faceplate and stem recess as well as its 4-bolt location so those stresses are better distributed over a wider area to lessen force spikes on the handlebarThe stem is constructed from aluminum tubing and receives a 3D forging process for the ideal blend of strength and weight It comes in two different rises 0 and - 7-degrees and the steerer clamp is secured by two opposing bolts to minimize stresses on the steerer tube It uses a 318mm handlebar clamp diameter and is compatible with and 1-18-inch steerer tubes Lengths are available between 70-120mm in 10mm incrementsEA90 Stem DWGARR3

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