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Whether you're a runner racing a field of talented competitors or a hiker racing the sun to get back to the car by nightfall, the Dynafit Glockner Ultra Gore-Tex Shakedry Jacket is an ultralight and breathable way to keep yourself dry without slowing down. It's made with Gore-Tex Shake Dry technology, an innovative fabric that uses the Gore-Tex membrane as the outer surface instead of a nylon or polyester face fabric. This approach not only prevents wetting out and increases the durability of the jacket, but also increases its breathability. Because the water beads off persistently and there's no soaked face fabric to block your body heat, it can now escape more consistently and effectively than it would with standard waterproof jackets. But that's not where the innovation ends. Since it was designed for ultrarunners and hikers, both of whom usually travel with backpacks on, Dynafit gave this jacket a unique design feature to help you keep your stuff dry. Thanks to a zipper down the center back of the jacket, the Glockner Ultra can expand to accommodate extra space for a backpack underneath. You'll be able to easily throw it on over a running pack or technical daypack when you're out on the trail, giving you a quick way to shield both yourself and your gear at the same time.

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