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WHO'S A GOOD KITTY!? There's something great to be said about living in the grand palace of Agrabah. Now, Rajah didn't show up naturally in the realm of the sands. In fact, he probably didn't have the greatest of lives before finding Jasmine in the palace... But, once Rajah showed how warm a protector he could be to the young princess, there was no going back to the traveling circus. (Jasmine made sure of that!) Without question, this "Arabian Tiger" is the ultimate in feline friendship! PRODUCT DETAILS That's why if you want to go with a kitty costume, there is no better choice than to wear a kit that helps you turn into the purrfect Disney kitty! This Rajah Ears and Tail Kit from Disney's Aladdin is the perfect way to augment an existing costume or add a little feline fun to your everyday look. The headband gives you soft, round ears and the tail connects to a belt for the plushiest of wagging tails. SHOW THOSE SUITORS! There's nothing saying that you can't be Rajah all on your own. But, if you pair up this Rajah costume kit with Jasmine, you have the perfect pair! Just get ready to growl at anyone in an Aladdin costume... at least until he proves himself!

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