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CROWNED DISNEY PRINCESS The official tiara is a pretty crucial component to a Disney Princess wardrobe, don't you think? Of course, each princess manages to make the look their own in one way or another. Ariel has her coral crown that she usually doesn't even wear. Cinderella gains a shining gemstone crown only at the end of the story. Come to think of it, Rapunzel doesn't even know she is a princess for most of the story! Maybe this crowned princess criteria is a little more complicated than we thought... Fortunately, some princesses manage to create a style all their own while fulfilling their royal duties. PRODUCT DETAILS Whether you want to go with the complete look of an Arabian Princess of Agrabah or not, you can fulfill all your dreams and your royal obligations just like Jasmine. It is easy with this Jasmine Accessory Kit that includes a golden colored choker and a blue circle tiara with a faux gemstone in the center. NOT FOR STREET-WEAR Now, who are we to tell a soon-to-be princess how to wear their royal garb... but we think we should remind you that Jasmine didn't fare particularly well in the streets. If you do choose to wear your tiara and necklace with your regular clothing, just be aware that some of the locals might be quite curious about your royal habits! On second thought, we think you'll love wearing this among the common folk!

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