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Fiddling Around When we think devil we often think about a demon with a shiny facade. He's dapper and polished, he's got a schpeal to get your soul. The thing is, one of the most popular modern songs featuring the devil is all about him fiddling. Does that seem like some posh entity to you? We didn't think so either! We feel like the devil would be a pretty casual immortal. While we're sure he's got plenty of souls down there, it doesn't take much to get us fallible humans to screw up. We can see him putting up his hoofs on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons or roasting marshmallows over fire and brimstone with his favorite minions. And let's not forget the dance parties! If there's one thing we know for sure, the fiddle is much more fun to dance to than the harp! Product Details The chilly Halloween air won't be a problem when you show up in this suit! The suit with it's long sleeves and fitted pants is made of a cozy fleece and has a zipper up the front to make your union suit experience as comfortable as possible. The hood features plush red horns on the hood and the back has a classic pointed tail to casually make your devil character evident to everyone around you. Devil May Care So whether you're dressing up for a Halloween party or you're entering a fiddling contest, you'll feel suave in this ensemble. Show those perfect angels how to relax and take the afterlife easy. Maybe you'll even be able to get a few of those lost souls to stop moaning and groaning and start dancing. The best part is, if hell finally freezes over like people are always talking about, you'll stay nice and cozy!

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