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Are you a house cat, or more of a free roaming jungle cat? It can be such a tough decision to make! Sure, it does sound pretty cozy spending your entire day lying in the warm embrace of a sunbeam, but it also might be fun to prowl around the jungle, hunting for unsuspecting prey. Maybe you don't have to choose though. What if you could craft a look that incorporates a little bit of both and keeps people guessing whether you're a lovable house kitty or a ferocious predator of the wilds? If only there was some kind of costume product that would allow you to indulge in both sides... This deluxe leopard kit lets you get a little bit of wild cat with a little bit of house cat. It comes with a cat ear headband, a tail and a pair of kitty-paw gloves. Each piece is covered in polyester faux fur and fits with a wide variety of outfits. The tail can be easily fastened to a belt or pinned to a costume and the headband has fluffy cat ears on them. You'll be ready for feline fun in not time!

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