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Spring season is unforgiving, perhaps not in the temperatures, as you're graced with warmer weather and sunshine to kiss your skin, but rather in the fact that it is known to punish you for winter months that were spent immobile, planted on a couch with a bottle of your favorite Red and silky dark chocolate truffles. Instead of letting spring hit you with a sucker punch, challenge yourself to wintery rides through the frosty months in the Limited Edition De Marchi Women's Veloce Thermal Bib Tights. With just the right amount of thermal insulation, thanks to their Thermal Roubaix construction, you'll find that your legs can stay pleasantly warm as your body heat is trapped within their fleecy matrix. Thermal Roubaix offers just enough gentle stretch to let you move freely on the bike, feeling less restricted than some bulky winter bib tights, and wrapping around your muscles supportively with 3-D engineered design. The design is ideal for keeping rough stitches away from soft skin, and allowing each panel to support and move with you while you ride. Underneath all of the tech-laden fabric likes an equally savvy chamois, so you can stay supported when you're hammering through your base-miles. The Veloce Thermal Bib Tights use the Elastic Interface Veloce Women's chamois, which reduces pressure on sensitive anatomy, and minimizes friction. The result is multi-density support that cushions your sit bones, alleviates your most tender parts, and moves with you while minimizing chafing. At the top of the chamois is a gentle, stretchy fabric that fights odor, and wicks away moisture, so you can keep fresh from the moment you saddle up to when you arrive at the cafe for the post-ride cappuccino and biscotti that you earned.

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