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The Power of Flight Do you want to fly like Superman? Do you want to sore faster than a jet plane? Too bad. Chances are pretty good that you're not from the Planet Krypton, so that means that you're probably not gifted with the power of flight like Kal-El. We have to stick to driving cars to get around until personal jet-packs are a common thing. The good news is that you can make driving around in your car feel much more heroic. You just need this simple little gadget! Product Details When you place this DC Superman magnet on your car, you might just feel like you're driving around the car of a superhero. It comes with the classic S-Sheild on the front with a magnetic back. it might not make your car gain any superpowers, but it's the best way to get you one step closer to Superman. Total Magnetism Of course, you can use this magnet on other things as well. We suggest planting this DC magnet on your fridge to make your fridge look and feel like a superhero. (We don't actually know how refrigerators feel, so we're just guessing that this magnet will make it feel more heroic.)

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