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There's always an all-you-can-eat buffet in the terrain park and on urban rail missions when you're strapped into the DC PBJ Snowboard. Its smooth flex helps you lock into clean presses on rails and get loose on boxes, while the traditional camber profile keeps it poppy and stable enough for sending it in the jump line. Lightweight and lively, the Stratus core uses lightweight poplar with beech stringers running down the center to ensure it's strong enough to withstand repeated gap-to-rail attempts. Tear The Roof Off eliminates the topsheet to keep the board light, plus it eliminates the need for toxic plastics. The edges come with a three-degree bevel to prevent hangups when you're sliding sideways on jibs. Rounding it out is an extruded base that's easy to repair after you thrash it during an urban jib session.

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