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Sinister Socialite We've learned all sorts of lessons from fairy tales. For one, don't take food from strangers even if it's a healthy snack. Also, plan on going to the ball even if you're thinking you've got nothing to wear. You'll figure it a stunner look in the last minute if you put your wishes out to the universe. And most importantly, if someone has magical, all-powerful skills send them a gosh-darn invite to your party! It's just basic etiquette. Don't be rude! This witch can ruin your life! Plus, look at this enchantress's hat. This well-dressed lady obviously knows how to have a good time. And when the party is over, it's not like she'll linger. She'll simply disappear in a cloud of smoke. What more could you ask of a party guest? Product Details Rich textures and colors make this costume extra luxurious, the black velvet and iridescent purple is a stunning combination. A zipper in the back secures this paneled floor-length gown has a dramatic cut with a reverse peplum at the hips. A scrolling fiery pattern embroidered into a purple panel accents the dramatic bodice that's trimmed with black lace. Detached sleeves perfect this scintillating look. The iridescent fabric creates a flame-like hem around the wizard-like sleeve. The ensemble is topped with a high collar neckpiece and the dramatic horns we all know from the dark sorceress from the fairytales. A Wicked Whirlwind Want that dark sorceress lifestyle? Expect to have a whirlwind social life! Because if people have learned anything from the fairy tales, they know that you should be one of the first people to invite. Just remember you have a wicked past to live down so make sure you bring the precious princess something nice to make up for your cursed past. In an outfit this fantastic you'll be the one living happily ever after this Halloween!

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