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Wherever you push off from, the 2019 Dagger Axis 10. 5 Kayak will be along for the ride. This versatile all-water kayak will follow you from placid lakes to swift-moving rivers without skipping a paddle. Combining the best traits of a whitewater kayak and fitting them with a recreational boat's hull and storage, no body of water or aquatic adventure is off limits. The Axis 10. 5's defined chines and optimized rocker help you maneuver through waves and rapids just like a traditional whitewater kayak, while the height-adjustable skeg helps you effortlessly track through glassy lakes and ponds. A foam seat and sliding foot braces adjust to your height and comfort, whether you're on an all-day voyage through intercoastal waterways or just spending the morning floating around your local pond. The bow features a mesh pocket attached with bungee rigging and the stern provides a covered hatch for storing your dry goods, keeping snacks and extra layers securely tucked away.

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