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Northwoods Snuggles Is there any feeling like heading out to a cozy northern cabin for the weekend? Whether it's summer, fall, or even winter, there's a certain sensation of coziness that happens as soon as you smell the pine trees and fresh air. It just gets better from there. There's the bonfire at night with toasted marshmallows, early mornings on the dock, and long naps on the porch. And if you're lucky, you get to see some of the wildlife as well! From fox to ravens, it's always fun to see the wildlife that lives in the Northwoods. While all the animals are pretty great, the most exciting animal is the adorable bumbling black bear. As long as they're far enough away, it's a lot of fun to watch them munching on blackberries and sunning themselves in a field of flowers. Want to embrace that Northwoods experience? Snuggle up to your very own black bear when you let your toddler dress up as a cozy bear for your next costumed event! Product Details This bubble costume is super soft and cozy. Perfect for chilly fall days, this bubble costume is super easy to help your child transform. The tunic slips over your kid's head and is made of a super soft fabric and has quilted texture. A headpiece with a sweet brown face secures under your child's chin with a hook and loop strip. The look is finished off with bear paws that strap onto whatever shoes your kiddo will keep on! Hoax or Honey Trick-or-treating as a little bear is sure to be a lot of fun. While the candy isn't honey, your little bear is sure to be happy with the sweet treats gathered from the neighborhood. Have a whole troop of animals? You'll love choosing from our collection of costumes to create a group of three little bears or troupe of animals. Who knew wild animals could be so sweet!

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