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On the oppressive August days that necessitate waiting until at least 6pm before venturing outdoors for an easy ride, reach for the Craft Verve Glow Jersey to stay cool and visible on humid, pre-sunset roads. Made for low-visibility and high temperatures, the Verve Glow comes with a plethora of accenting mesh panels that encourage ventilation and wick moisture while you pedal through the thick, humid air of late summer. For the Verve Glow's main body, Craft uses a micro polyester fabric constructed with a six-channel fiber design. This construction helps it more efficiently spirit moisture away from your skin when you're sweating constantly, which is especially beneficial on the days you find yourself covered in a subtle sheen before you've even gotten on your bike. As the sun sets and the thicker light of dusk settles over the roads, enjoy the respite of cooling air knowing you have reflective accents delivering 360-degree visibility to your fellow road users.

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