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If you don't have the Craft Active Windstopper Long Sleeve Crew, we feel bad for you. And if you've spent countless hours out on the cold road without any base layer, we extend a Gandhi-like compassion towards you for your suffering. It's time to upgrade and get on board the warmth train. Featuring a combination of time-tested proprietary and patented materials and a barely-there fit, the Active WindStopper Long Sleeve Crew will provide the insulation you need to get through winter. Craft's Active WindStopper Long Sleeve Crew is made from a blend of channel-stitched polyester and W. L. Gore's WindStopper fabrics. The amalgamation of materials provides a soft-to-touch base layer that wicks moisture from the skin to the quick-drying surface. Not only highly breathable, the Active Crew is also 100% windproof. This translates to a moisture-free, abrasion-halting, warmth-retaining base layer that protects your body from windy conditions, and insulates without overheating. The Craft Active Windstopper Long Sleeve Crew is available in sizes from X-Small through XX-Large, and in the colors Black and Black/silver.

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