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We often wax poetic about the old days of cycling, imagining mid-century steel frames ridden nonchalantly by cyclists in classic wool jerseys. But when we see a piece like the Craft Women's Active Extreme 2. 0 Windstopper Crewneck Baselayer, we're reminded about the things we don't miss about the earlier eras. Though we love the optics of makeshift newspaper insulation in pro races, we're grateful that Gore Windstopper has made it obsolete for us, and on the Active Extreme 2. 0, a front panel of the stretchy material blocks wind and repels water as you ride on cold, wintry days. The rest of the baselayer is constructed with stretchy, breathable polyester. Its contoured fit allows the fabric to rapidly pull moisture away from your body, while holding a layer of warm air next to the skin to keep you warm, but not overheated. If you're hell-bent on riding through the winter, this is a top you'll be reaching for again and again.

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