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The Crab Grab Shark Teeth were initially created to meet the demands of Crab Grab rider Scott Stevens and will perfect for anyone. The Crab Grab Shark Teeth is simple, clean and conventional to give you maximum foot hold. The Shark Teeth are made with Crubber which is a flexible rubbery replacement to stomp pads of old and will allow your board to flex naturally. These also feature Groove Gills that allow you to easily cut, customize and arrange the pad to your liking. 1 Per Pack, Dimensions: 3.75in x 5.5in, Shark Tooth Spikes, Crubber - A flexible rubbery replacement to old stomp pads, Groove Gills, Frame Size: Medium/Large, Lens Shape: Spherical, Lens Type: Mirrored, Model Year: 2020, Product ID: 585929, Model Number: OO7047-94, GTIN: 0888392405845

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