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Some kids like to stay inside with their favorite video games on a snow day, but not your guy--he's out there playing in the snow from sun-up to sundown. Keep him warm while he's out in cold conditions with the Columbia Powder Lite Hooded Insulated Jacket. Not only does this jacket boast a water-resistant fabric that'll shed the snow when he's taking enemy snowball fire, but it's also filled to the brim with warm-when-wet synthetic insulation that keeps doing its job when he spends a little too much time rolling in the snow. Meanwhile, Columbia's Omni-Heat reflective lining technology works to reflect his own body heat back to him, offering greater warmth without adding any added bulk to the jacket. Tack on an adjustable hood and hem to keep out wind and snow, and he's got a jacket that'll let him enjoy sled hills and snow forts to the fullest.

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