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Finding a powdery pillow line during a dry period in the middle of winter is just as magical as finding a unicorn on any given day, which is probably how Chimera came up with the Unicorn Chaser Splitboard's name. With a directional swallowtail, the Unicorn Chaser certainly thrives in powder, with snow shooting out the back like it was a snow machine. Its LongWave profile pairs a pow-floating, early rise tip with camber under your back foot that propels you forward every time you press down. The tight sidecut holds a great edge if you don't end up finding any unicorns that day. To keep things light, Chimera built the Unicorn Chaser with three-axis carbon stringers to assure proper flex without weighing you down. These carbon stringers also help on the skin track by adding a snappy reaction at every kick turn. The topsheet sheds snow and ice to keep weight off your board, and the Safety Base stays bright and visible for extra safety in the backcountry. There are clips and hooks to keep the board's halves together for the ride down.

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