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Not the Most Popular Toy... The odds are, if you have a child, you've experienced the joy of watching them pick up one of those see and speak toys that teach them the sounds of various barnyard animals. More likely than not, your joy at their curiosity has turned slowly into a simmering rage at the annoying toy after the 607th "The cow says 'Moo'". Worry not! As important as it is for your little tyke to know what animal makes which sound, there are less painful way to do so! FUN Details With this Child Plush Chicken Costume, your child can express their barnyard interest without the droning mechanical voice of that cursed toy-even better, imagine how cute their little "cheep-cheeps" will sound! Your little one will look the part as they strut the streets in this be-feathered jumpsuit. The hood features a delightful chicken head made out of soft felt, and the wings are secured to the arms with elastic. Even the feet are secured with elastic to ensure that your animal aficionado doesn't lose any parts of the costume while strutting the farm with all of their friends. Spring Chicken This Halloween outfit your special little chicken in the finest of plumage! Invite some friends and their children and form a barnyard posse of your own-what better way for your little one to learn the sounds of nature? Who needs a silly machine! They'll learn the subtle dialect of the Jersey cow from their friend Jessica, they'll get lessons on the finer points of pot-belly pig from their neighbor Cory, and their cousin Gregory will school them in Pygmy goats. Some might argue on behalf of the see and speak toy, but we prefer a more naturalistic and less obnoxious approach to education. Learning should be fun, and there's nothing more fun than this adorable plush chicken.

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