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You have to admit, it's pretty clear to see why young girls love the Pink Ranger so much. Not only does she get to wear a cute pink suit with matching helmet, but she also gets to kick some major butt. That's right, the most girly Power Ranger also knows how to stomp out all of Rita Repulsa's monsters. Don't let the appearance of the most ladylike Ranger fool you! She is an expert martial artist who also has the ability to transform into an awesome pterodactyl. Your daughter's obsession with the Pink Ranger is a great thing because this butt-kicking female superhero is a positive role model. She's always hardworking and she can hang one with the boys of the group easily. Encourage your little girl to keep wearing her Pink Ranger costume by gifting her with these gloves. These Pink Ranger child gloves will complete her look so she can keep dreaming about "morphing" into the real deal one day!

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