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The pros on World Tour Team Sunweb have the choice of the slippery, wind-cheating S5 or the climb and cobble friendly R5 depending on the parcours and the individual rider's preference. A fast finisher like Michael Matthews will almost always be found on the S5 while GC hopeful Tom Dumoulin will typically be on the R5 exclusively. What you decide on should be based on what sort of rider you are and your local training and racing terrain. If you prioritize a frameset that optimizes a stiffness to weight ratio and is extremely comfortable over rough roads, you're an ideal candidate for the R5. And if you are looking to have one built up with its top-tier build kit, the R5 Disc Dura-Ace R9170 Complete Bike gets Osaka's best electronic shifting and hydraulic braking and a finishing kit worthy of any professional podium.The first thing you notice when you hop aboard an R5 is its impressive stiffness and geometry that magically shapeshifts between stability and agility when you need it most. Cervelo was able to make the R5 stiffer at key points while still remaining featherweight. In fact, it claims the disc version of the R5 is its stiffest road frame to date. By placing such an emphasis on that stiffness to weight ratio it results in a bike that leaps forward with each pedal stroke yet isn't a wet noodle that's unruly on steep, technical descents and remains predictable at speed.Cervelo achieves this feat by building up the frame using special carbon layups and construction techniques, allowing it to reduce the frame's weight while making it stiffer. It uses advanced engineering software like Finite Element Analysis (FEA) that allows it to better understand exactly how each layer of carbon fiber is working and if it's being used properly. Its carbon expertise prescribes a specific frame layup by placing hundreds of individually cut plies of carbon in a mold in a certain order and orientation. By precisely cutting these plies, the frame is able to be made lighter wh...

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